"Allison Schnipper accomplishes in 3 hours what would take me 12 and does a much better job! I am more productive and have learned techniques from her example. My office, which houses my business, my college work, and my home affairs, saw the light of day after she left."
Suzan Bogg, Sharon, MA

"I moved to a new house during a very busy time at work, so I had Allison help me. The first day, I came home and my kitchen was completely unpacked and organized, and I was able to make dinner that night. It definitely helped with my peace of mind!"
Allison Berger, Watertown, MA

"Allison has been a terrific help to me and my business. (She) helped me cut through the clutter, organize my files, and rid myself of all the unimportant nonsense that has accumulated. (She) is able to take control of a project and move it from start to finish, often with little or no interaction or attention from the busy home/business owner. Allison is a major and essential business asset, and I cannot imagine how I was able to make do without her."
Attorney Michael Kraft, Westwood, MA

"If you are too busy to get to the piles on the table or floor, Allison is the answer to your dreams. She will do her magic in a short time and give you better ways to manage papers and other forms of clutter."
Marylou Buyse, M.D., Dover, MA

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